The Hitchsafe Key Vault.

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Keep Your Cash, Credit Cards, Driver's License, And Keys Safe With The Hitchsafe Key Vault.

The Hitchsafe Key Vault is the PERFECT hide-a-key for your vehicle. Plus you can secure your credit cards and cash in the Hitchsafe and YOU are the only one who can access when you need whats in it.

The HitchSafe is secured inside the receiver hitch with two retaining bars on a standard truck, SUV, car, or van 2" trailer hitch receiver.

The Hitchsafe Key Vault forms a solid steel vault in combination with a Hitch Receiver provide the most secure location on your vehicle to store spare keys, credit cards, cash, and driver's license. To access your keys you just lift off the Rubber dust cover (that look like any normal Hitch Cover), enter in your personal 4 digit combination, that releases the drawer and allows access to your valuables.

The HitchSafe is always there when you need it, unlike magnetic key holders which are prone to falling off. Magnetic Hide-A-Keys provide no security, allowing any car thief easy access to your vehicle (if it hasn't already joined the millions laying on the side of the road) since everyone knows where it is hidden. Only you can access your keys in the HitchSafe contained within the solid steel structure of the Hitch Receiver.

NOTE: The 2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma and 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra OEM Hitch Receivers require longer pins to work with the Hitchsafe.

Easy installation of the HitchSafe into the receiver:
1. Remove dust cover by gripping cover releases and pull cover out and up.
2. Set drawer dials to opening combination factory default (0-0-0-0).
3. Take drawer out by pushing the drawer release.
4. Take out pins and foam washers, and insert HitchSafe into your hitch receiver.
5. Line up the HitchSafe pin holes with the receiver's pin holes. You may need to remove one of the foam spacers.
6. Pull out both pin retaining bars to their fullest extent.
7. Insert pin and foam washer into the hole of the receiver/HitchSafe. Push the sliding bar in so that the bar locks pin in place the fitting into groove on the end of the pin.
8. Insert combination drawer (refer to drawer directions below). Make sure drawer release lever is up to latch and then scramble dials.
9. Place the top part of dustcover so metal hooks at top fit into slots on top of HitchSafe flange. Click solidly into place bottom cover releases into their corresponding slots at bottom of HitchSafe flange.

How to set combination drawer:
1. Set to current opening combination (factory default 0-0-0-0).
2. Test to make sure you are on opening combination by flipping down drawer release.
3. Turn to reset screw (on the of the face rim) clockwise 90 degrees to vertical position.
4. Set dials to your desired opening combination. Write this number down!
5. Return the reset screw counter clockwise to horizontal position.
6. Check the dials to be sure you have your correct number and the TEST YOUR COMBINATION before placing it into the HitchSafe by scrambling the dials, setting it to your combination and the confirming the drawer release flips down.

Credit Cards and Driver's License Storage: The HitchSafe has grooves in the drawer and in body that will accommodate up to 2 cards (Driver's license & credit card) when placed in a right hand angle " / " Do not try to force more than two cards as the slots only allow room for two.

The dials can only be turned when the drawer release is in the up position. The drawer can only be inserted into the HitchSafe when the correct combination is set. When changing the combination always test the combination prior to inserting the drawer into the HitchSafe.

What's included: Hitch Cover - Flange Foam pieces - Standard hitch pins - Locking drawer - Instructions.

Secure - 10,000 possible combinations
Durable - All metal construction
Zero Locking - Open the HitchSafe in the dark
Easy to Use
Easy to Change the Combination
Rust Resistant
NEVER Be Locked Out Again!
Fits multiple automotive keys, house keys, credit cards or license
One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Specs: Hitchsafe Key Vault body fits standard 2" Hitch Receiver. Adjustable for pin hole variances. Maximum hole reach from front of receiver to middle of pin hole is 2-9/16". Maximum body depth into receiver is 4-3/8".

Inner Dimensions:
Width- 32mm (1-1/4")
Length- 90mm (3-9/16")
Height- 45mm" (1-3/4")
Fits 2 cards diagonally (credit card or license)

Works with: The Hitchsafe Key Vault fits all makes and models of 2 inch trailer hitch to include RVs, all OEM and all aftermarket hitch receivers except the following. 2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma and 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra OEM Hitch Receivers require longer pins to work with the Hitchsafe.


Date: 4/13/2011 3:14:16 PM
The hitchsafe is a great product. When I go to the beach I can just put my keys in the hitchsafe and not worry about losing them.
Date: 4/13/2011 3:14:57 PM
I bought this so I wouldn't get locked out of my truck anymore. It has solved that problem. It is easy to install and works great with no problems so far. If you tend to leave your keys in your truck by accident this is what you need.
Date: 4/13/2011 3:15:51 PM
Good Quality, to install or remove when needing to use hitch takes a minute. Great idea is if a friend or family member needs access to your vehicle and your out of the area with your keys in your pocket.
Date: 4/13/2011 3:16:33 PM
This is a perfect product for someone who parks their car and goes for a bike ride or run...I just pop it into my receiver hitch, lock up my keys and head out on my run/ride. And my keys are there when I come back.
Date: 4/13/2011 3:16:56 PM
I lock my keys in my car once a month. The hitch safe gives me the peace of mind that if it happens I don't need to call my husband, the police, or break the window to get in. I am in sales and I am in and out of my car 10 times a day. I like knowing it is there. It was very easy to install and you can not tell it is even on the car. Thanks for my peace of mind!
Date: 4/13/2011 3:18:29 PM
This key vault is a great idea. I have extra keys for everything in it and will never lock myself out of the house again!
Date: 10/24/2012
I made a comment on 10/20/12 that my new HitchSafe had failed to work and I could not trust using it. I was sure of the combination numbers I entered but did not consider I may have seen one of the numbers wrong. A 7 can look like a 4 or a 5 to older eyes When I finally figured that was a possibility, I replaced the numbers and the HitchSafe worked perfectly. I installed it on my truck in less than two minutes and I am happy that it is the product I had hoped it would be. It is a great ide

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